Our fresh approach to talent development drives accelerated career advancement for your team and sustainable growth for your firm.



How our platform drives better outcomes for your firm
& Analytics
  • Dynamic Approach
    Every individual starts at a different point in their professional growth journey. Therefore, a one-size fit's all approach to talent development doesn't work.

    Broad range of professional development resources purpose-built for growth

    More than just content, our platform includes call-to-actions paired with ongoing accountability

    Flexible approach allows individuals to focus on specific needs

  • Growth Content
    Ever-growing, multidimensional content library contains relevant learning material designed specifically for professionals in the first 20 years of their career.

    Mix of live and asynchronous content allows flexibility in consumption

    Microlearning approach makes content easier to absorb

    Tools and resources help participants apply knowledge

  • Scalable Deployment
    Our platform can scale across your firm regardless of size or geographic dispersion

    Quickly onboard groups of 10 to 1,000+ professionals

    Consistency in learning and content consumption across your team

    Get new hires up-to-speed quickly, regardless of when they start

  • Reporting & Analytics
    Data-driven platform provides insights of how users are engaging with the platform, bringing transparency and accountability to talent development

    Track and understand the progress of individual users to establish accountability

    Measure usage and engagement to ensure users are making the most of the platform

    Analyze key metrics to identify where users are excelling and being challenged

  • Ongoing Support
    Ongoing support ensures your team's growth doesn't have an endpoint and your people are continually advancing in their careers

    Dedicated support ensures your team's growth is ongoing and uninterrupted

    Tracking and analytics allows you to understand your team's growth journey

    Continually evolving library of resources keeps up with current trends


Our multi-dimensional platform is optimized to drive results

Tailored Growth Journey

Flexible, Dynamic Learning Content

Ongoing Support & Accountability

Consistent & Scalable Deployment

Engaging Learning Experience

Continuous Growth Cycle

Webinars & Workshops

Online Course Libraries

Executive Coaching

Training Programs

Connection Builders



Our people were able to realize tangible development both personally and professionally that will benefit them not only in their careers but also in the personal lives.
Matt Mallinak Partner


What your team gets access to

Best-In-Class Content Library

Guided Journey

Engaging Community

Ongoing Coaching Support

Exclusive Access to Live Events

Curated Community Groups

Mobile & Web Applications

  • Best-In-Class Content Library

    Your team gets access to development tracks and courses, plus supplemental resources and can focus on what's most important to them.

  • Guided Journey

    Wherever your team members start, there is a clear path to follow to make sure they stay on track and continue to grow.

  • Engaging Community

    Interacting with others on the platform helps your team gain new insights and connect with relevant professionals.

  • Ongoing Coaching Support

    Reminders, encouragement, and a resource your team can always go to for help keeps them focused and accountable along their journey.

  • Exclusive Access to Live Events

    Joining others from the community to learn fresh content and interact in a live setting adds another dimension to your team's growth journey.

  • Curated Community Groups

    Our community is designed to allow like-minded individuals to connect and exchange best practices for reaching their growth goals.

  • Mobile & Web Applications

    Your team can take their growth journeys with them wherever they go and focus on growth whenever it is convenient for them.


A better approach to investing in your people


Static content delivered as one-off workshops or presentations often lacks relevance and is neither effective nor engaging. Worse yet, it is often forgotten about the next day.

Absorb Content


A dynamic content library with accountability coaching and community support creates a continuous growth cycle to drive long-term results.

Consume Content
Apply Learning
Community Support
Mentorship & Accountability
Reflect & Grow


Developed with feedback from hundreds of leading professionals

Commercial Banking

Wealth Advisory

CPAs Accounting

Legal Services

Private Equity

Investment Banking

Real Estate

Risk Management

Consulting Services



What size teams do you work with?

Our Firm Solutions are specifically developed to work for groups of 10 to 1,000+. Our tech-enabled approach allows us to scale across your firm, regardless of size or geography.

Do you only focus only on soft skills?

Yes. We believe the skills required to advance in professional services revolve around soft skills. While technical skills are undoubtedly important, soft skills are the differentiator between those that excel and those that stay stagnant.

What is the time commitment for my team?

The time investment required for success differs based on the program and each individual's desire to grow. Our platform has been developed with flexibility in mind which allows those who are hungry to invest more time while also accommodating the ups and downs of client workflow and bandwidth.

We work with firms to help establish clear guidelines for how much time they expect their team to invest, then report usage and activity on an individual level for transparency and accountability. This allows for optimal flexibility while still ensuring your team is meeting expectations.

How is this different from other training programs?

Traditional talent development is typically delivered as a fixed set of content during work hours. Once the content (workshop, speaker, off-site, etc.) is over, there is usually little follow-up or accountability. Moreover, participants are often not engaged during the scheduled sessions due to outside distractions, such as client demands.

Our proprietary platform allows every individual to focus on the most relevant content at a time that is convenient for them. We focus on consistent, long-term growth, helping participants continuously learn rather than focusing on professional development once a quarter or a few times a year.

How is this different from other online course libraries?

Our content was thoughtfully developed by former professional service providers along with feedback from hundreds of professionals at leading firms. We have taken key concepts and broken them down into bite-sized pieces to make it easier for learners to consume, digest, and retain.

Moreover, our content is multidimensional (i.e., it contains a mix of text, graphics, and videos) and includes concrete steps to translate concepts into action, along with additional resources, tools, a curated community, and available ongoing coaching support. This approach drives outcomes that are far superior to traditional online course libraries.

Do you serve others outside of professional services?

We are focused on exclusively serving professional service providers. Our platform has been developed specifically for the uniqueness of the professional service ecosystem. Our community members benefit most by having content specifically developed for their needs and connecting with other professionals that can share similar experiences.