Alex Drost

Founder & CEO

Alex Drost is a Founder & CEO who works with growth-minded professionals to help them connect, grow and excel in their careers. Alex believes that true success lies in your ability to foster meaningful connections with those around you, and this requires intentional focus and effort.

After starting his career in middle-market investment banking, Alex embraced his entrepreneurial spirit, a deep desire for continual growth, and passion for technology to create Connection Builders.

Connection Builders is a tech-enabled growth platform purpose-built to accelerate career advancement for individuals and drive sustainable growth for firms.

Alex is also the host of the Branch Out Podcast, where he talks with today’s industry leaders about their mindsets and the actions they have taken to reach their success.

Alex holds a B.B.A. from Northwood University and is a licensed CPA in the State of Michigan.

"Our future outcomes depend on the small daily decisions we make today; therefore, success is a lagging indicator."